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Chapter 5, A Software Receiver, Additional Information

1) Problem with Compiling in Microsoft Visual Studio

fixed, finally. The issue was that I wasn't explicitly zeroing out memory used to contain the FFT's of the gold codes. This made the convolution-using-fft trick break for compilers/runtimes (MSVC) that sometimes give you memory with garbage in it. An explicit memset(..., 0, ...) zeros it out, and things now work fine on Windows (using the free Visual Studio Express 2010) and gcc. I also created MSVC project files for libfastgps and fastgps; they are in the "MSVC" directory now. Everything is committed on trunk; just "svn update" in your checkouts to bring down my changes (or check out a new copy). -Morgan

fastgps at SourceForge - sourceforge fastgps download