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Chapter 15, Atmospheric Sensing

By Chi Ao

Using GNSS signals to sense the Earth's atmosphere has become a very useful tool to environmental scientists in trying to better understand the global climate. Chapter 15 discusses the basic techniques used to perform GNSS radio occulation measure- ments using dual-frequency GNSS measurements from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) spacecraft. In addition, Chapter 15 reviews the basic principals underlying this unique application and describes how the processing is carried out as a function of the environmental parameter that one is trying to sense and with respect to the geometry over the descent and rise of GNSS signals being tracked through the Earth's atmosphere.

Octave/MATLAB scripts are included on the DVD that will process numerous data sets from the GRACE satellites and make estimates of the temperature and pressure profiles over the duration of the signal tracking through the Earth's atmosphere.



Octave/MATLAB Scripts and Data for Single Occultation
Additional GRACE Data (144Mb)