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Chapter 14, Geodesy and Surveying

By Chris Rizos and Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska

Chapter 14 provides a succinct overview of the GNSS methods and applications used in the fields of geodesy and surveying. It summarizes the state of the art methods used in surveying and geodesy applications and the range of measurements and processing techniques currently in wide use. As described in the chapter, the difference between these two fields is primarily a question of required accuracy, and this leads to very different requirements and processing techniques. In fact, it is possible to process data using a worldwide GNSS reference infrastructure with a number of Internet-based postprocessing networks. This chapter details the critical aspects of this vast field, giving readers a thorough introduction and a solid founda- tion for starting their own surveying or geodesy projects.

To give the reader a hands-on experience in using the Internet-based processing tools discussed in this chapter, RINEX data files with raw observation and navigation measurements taken from a Topcon GPS receiver have been included on the DVD. These files can be uploaded to a couple of the processing sites mentioned to generate precise position estimates, which are returned in the form of e-mail reports to the user.



Example RINEX Data Sets and Results