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Chapter 12, Indoor and Weak Signal Navigation

By Heidi Kuusniemi and Timo Jokitalo

Many modern satellite navigation applications are hampered by the degradation of signals in obstructed environments, such as in urban canyons, indoors, or within dense forests. There has been a significant amount of research into ways of overcoming the problems caused by this signal degradation. Chapter 12 gives an overview of the current state of this research and how it can be applied in practice. Included in this discussion are aiding and assistance methods, dealing with acquisition and tracking of very weak signals, as well as ways to perform measurement integrity monitoring.

Two examples are included here using simulated GNSS measurements and MATLAB/Octave scripts. The first demonstrates the problems involved in acquiring signals at a very low power level. The second shows how to use statistical methods to detect erroneous measurements and to eliminate them from a modified least squares position solution.



Weak Signal Acquistion Example (Octave/MATLAB)
Detecting Erroneous Measurements Example (Octave/MATLAB)